CD Player for Tesla Model Y & 3

The Tesla Model Y comes with a built-in infotainment system that includes a media player capable of playing audio from a variety of sources, including Bluetooth, USB, and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. However, if you prefer to use physical media like CDs, you will need to purchase an external CD player that can connect to the car's USB ports.

There are a variety of portable CD players on the market that can connect to a car's USB port. Make sure to choose a CD player that is compatible with the Tesla Model Y's USB ports and that has the features you need, such as skip protection and shuffle play.

Here is our USB CD player that can work with your Tesla. Please contact us to confirm before purchase.

POSSPO Jupiter CD DVD Player for Car with USB Port, Portable External CD Player That Plugs into Car Laptop Desktop TV Mac Computer, Plug & Play –Upgraded with Extra USB Extension Cable


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Please confirm the Jupiter works with a Tesla Y

Jim Reid

Would I be able to access the metadata (see track and album information) using your CD player when connected to the infotainment system of a Tesla Model Y 2023? Can your CD player operate from any USB port in the Tesla Model Y?


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